Advantages at a glance ...

Easy to


sam © is   

  • 100% browser-based 
  • easy to operate 
  • visually appealing
  • a tool which saves time AND money, reducing the cost of doing business
  • a solution which helps you find new opportunities

Comprehensive functionality


sam © delivers   

  • a host of functional modules and features
  •  more than 50 topics
  • a higher level of legal certainty
  • a solution to meet your business challenges easily
  • employee involvement at the click of a button

Well designed with proven results


sam © supports you with     

  • a modern design
  • a variety of well thought-out features
  • audit-proof documentation 
  • Award winning technology

sam © - The easy-to-use EHS Documentation Solution

Easy to use

The sam © training solution is as easy to use as an ATM. sam © offers all the functions to meet the highest demands for your EHS organization.

Hard to believe?  Try it yourself !

Easy overview of courses

Visually appealing

sam © sets itself apart from the myriad of classic software systems - over 500,000 users have come to know the value of sam ©! Compare sam * for yourself and see the difference.

Clear structure, clear content   - no distracting images.

One click reporting

With sam © you can see all the important data about your team, your department, your location or your entire company at the touch of a button. Need a training overview for an upcoming audit? One click, and sam © will generate the appropriate analysis in real time. It's audit-proof and secure - even generating a qualification matrix is just a mouse click away.

Integrated authoring system

All content is customizable, Whether you import from another source, create it in PowerPoint or put it together yourself inside the sam© solution. The ease of use for creating and customizing content sets us apart from others in the industry.

What our customers say ...

Customer Siemens


A flexible and well thought out system. We discovered new opportunities! 

Customer Wago


With sam ©, we have found an ideal tool for interactive knowledge management. By using it, we considerably improved the understanding of our work processes. 

Customer ThyssenKrupp


sam ©, the system, and its applicability, have absolutely convinced us!

Customer MAN


My first impression of secova concerning customer contact and support is overwhelmingly positive! I look forward to working with sam ©.

The secova USA Team

We're professionals just like you - smart, committed and eager to help ...

Our global team supports the day-to-day needs of 500,000+ users in 400 global companies.

Need reporting on who's completed which safety topics? Want to plan ahead by generating risk assessments? Want to see which contractors have been in your plant / offices and when they 're scheduled to come back? We're here (and there, and THERE) to help you make the most of your safety training needs.

Joe Renz CEO

Joe Renz

CEO for the US 

 474 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60611

 312 659 9674

Eric M. Schmidt VP Sales and Customer Relations

Eric M. Schmidt

VP Sales and Customer Relations

 312 320 5977


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