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sam - Function modules

The functional modules of secova’s EHS solution sam

The various sam EHS functional modules at a glance. Risk Assessment, Incident Management and many more.

sam consists of the EHS Base System and eight functional modules, which are integrated via a unique and central database. Select the desired modules according to your operational needs (modular system). All sam modules work seamlessly together and can be activated at any time.

Everything you do, for example according to OHSAS1800, ISO9001, ISO14001 etc. is included in sam. Your work will be greatly facilitated. The result: greater legal certainty – less organizational effort and better overall employee involvement.

As we continue to integrate new, innovative programming features into sam, check out our website or our blog regularly. Or use our secova newsletter, to stay up to date.

A small hint:

Look to launch your fully integrated EHS Solution with sam’s EHS Base System which covers your Training, Qualification and Instruction needs. You will be enthusiastic. Especially if you try it yourself in your company.

Do you already have a first impression? Great, then contact us to arrange a free pilot for your company.

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