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Your advantages with this module

  • Efficient measure management
  • Initiate processes, actions and measures company-wide
  • Easy creation, distribution, tracking and documentation of actions (Action Tracking)
  • Reduces your organizational effort

Module description

Is it important to you to be able to react promptly to the latest incidents and developments? This sam’s Incident Management module makes it easier for you than ever to register unsafe situations, incidents, workplace accidents, first-aid log entries, and even near misses. The time of illegible or incomplete hand-written first-aid logs in first-aid kits is over. Even data privacy can be significantly better safeguarded with this unique module. sam® offers the especially advantageous option of company-wide reports. This allows you not only to recognize major accident areas at the push of a button, but also to execute and document follow-up measures.
Advantages at a glance:
✓ Well-informed analyses, reports, and statistics at the push of a button
✓ Company-wide overview with involvement of all employees
✓ Decentralized or centralized incident logging possible
✓ Prompt derivation of measures
✓ Accident follow-up
✓ Generation of accident reports
✓ In accordance with OSHA
✓ Browser- and database-based (Internet or Intranet)
✓ Compliant with strong german Data Protection Act
✓ Visually appealing
✓ Ideal in combination with sam® as instruction system
✓ Includes logging of near misses
✓ Logging of commuting accidents
In many companies, the structured recording of injuries, accidents, or near misses represents a difficult and laborious enterprise. And often enough it is even neglected entirely. Incomplete, illegible, or non-existent entries are often the result. This makes a prompt evaluation almost impossible. Many companies transfer hand-written records sporadically and tediously to Excel files. This makes it almost impossible to detect major injury areas early on. And data privacy can only rarely be safeguarded with the use of conventional first-aid logs stored in public first-aid
kits. And what if complete, seamless, incident-based documentation was needed, including analyses of accident circumstances concluded by follow-up measures?
Endless Excel, Word and Powerpoint files were the result. And in the end, many companies have to ask themselves an important question:
How can our employees actually receive preventive, workstation-based, and prompt information about incidents?
With sam , you can master this task in a unique way.
You don’t believe us? Don’t hesitate to contact us!
An incident is registered in 60 seconds. Thanks to ingeniously easy operability.

Ihr Unternehmen weltweit lenken

Innerbetrieblich im Werk unterwegs, Außendienst, Home Office, Kunden- termine – es gibt viele Gründe, den Arbeitstag nicht vor Ort oder im Büro zu verbringen. Damit Sie trotzdem up to date sind und anstehende Maßnahmen auch unterwegs steuern können, wurde sam® als browserbasierte Maßnahmenmanagement Software entwickelt und mobil u.a. für den sam®-EHS-Manager optimiert.

Das verringert Ihren Organisationsaufwand und ermöglicht die effiziente Einbeziehung aller Mitarbeiter. Alles was Sie brauchen ist ein Smartphone, Laptop oder Tablet sowie Zugang zum Internet oder Intranet. So sparen Sie in Zukunft Papier und überwinden bürokratische Hürden mit einem Mausklick. Und das Beste? sam® ist so einfach zu bedienen wie ein Geldautomat!

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