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EHS Base System

Your advantages with this module

  • Training quickly and intuitively with the professional documentation and instruction system
  • standard compliant software, clear structure, combined with clear content
  • Time savings through simple operation
  • high legal certainty
  • Qualification management and more
  • Including effectiveness checks
  • Workplace and person individually adjustable

Module description

With sam, you can perfect your in-house instruction and training program. Whether electronic or personal
group training programs in occupational health and safety (EHS), quality management (QM), general qualification topics (HR), or other areas. With sam, everything is securely documented and tried and tested a million times over.
Would you finally like to achieve an efficient and effective way to transfer knowledge? Is higher
legal security and audit-proof documentation important to you? Then sam is your ideal tool. In no time at all, you
can map your entire organization including all responsibilities with a few clicks of a mouse and create your own
learning content.
Interested? Then read on or feel free to contact us.

sam ideally supports the requirements of :

  • OHSAS (18001)
  • ISO 900x and
  • ISO 14001
Advantages at a glance:
✓ Effective and efficient transfer of knowledge
✓ Higher legal security
✓ Ingeniously easy to use with great time savings
✓ Reinforcement of responsibilities and employee involvement
✓ Company-wide reports and assessments at the push of a button
✓ Automatic planning and reminder functions
✓ Audit-proof documentation
✓ Browser- and database-based (Internet or Intranet)
✓ Maximum user-friendliness with drag & drop / right-click function
✓ Meets legal requirements of OSHAS and Data Protection Act
✓ Visually appealing
✓ Interfaces (SAP, HR, AD, SCORM, and many more)
✓ Over 240 free, modifiable instructions included
✓ Creation of own topics via PPT-import etc.
✓ Smart group training functions, and much more
In many companies, executing and logging occupational health and safety instructions is a laborious, time-intensive, yet crucial task. Have you successfully managed to implement the ideal system in your company? Are topics
taught regularly and on a workstation-specific basis, in an appealing format and in a personal way, with the active
participation of all your employees, and with effectiveness checks? – Yes? Then perhaps you don’t necessarily
need sam.
But this is generally not the case in reality. As a result of time-pressure, day-to-day business, or audit preparations,
the mere collection of signatures often takes the place of a personal dialogue. “Phantom briefings” if you will – after
all, real briefings are something else entirely. sam is the ideal tool to solve this problem. With sam, you can carry out electronic and personal group training sessions (keyword: blended learning). Actively involve your employees on a workstation-specific basis and reinforce their sense of personal responsibility. Your executives will also be more strongly integrated. This promotes a positive, specialized field of communication. Moreover, the audit-proof documentation increases legal security and is a joy time and time again for auditors, as our customers regularly report. Today over 1,000,000 users are already working with sam.
And the best part: Despite its wide range of functions, sam is as easy to use as an ATM!

1,000,000 users cannot be wrong. Our EHS Solution sam is actually as straightforward as an ATM. But simplicity and sophisticated functionality are no contradiction, because sam reliably combines all possibilities to manage group structures efficiently and thus meet the highest demands. You do not believe that? Try it out!

The efficient evaluation of instructions

You have carried out a training and want to evaluate the result of your target group? With sam, you can view all important data from teams, departments, locations or the entire company at the touch of a button. Do you need a briefing overview for a pending visit or an audit? One click is all it takes for sam to generate the desired data in real time and deliver reliable results. Always in accordance with the respective employee instruction – audit-proof and audit-proof. A qualification matrix can also be created by the software after the respective training.

Language Support

sam user interface and application support US and British English as well as Spanish, Portugese, French and many other languages. Please contact us for a language you are using in your organization.

Training Courses

The US version of sam currently ships with 50 training courses  included in the sam EHS Base System. You can customize all training individually and independently. With sam’s, training system adding your own training content is simple and does not require programming. Of course, you can also, very easily, integrate your own slides, e-learning content, or similar, into sam, e. g. Power Point, PDF, Flash, or via SCORM interfaces. (Please contact us for a list of currently generally available training courses).

Easily manage employee training with software

sam is probably the most accessible, browser-based training system on the market. Regardless of whether your company has 100 or 50,000 employees via the authorization concept integrated in sam, the organizational structure and corresponding responsibilities can be reproduced true to the original with a few mouse clicks. This way, our training will give you greater audit and legal certainty thanks to our software.

Training with software and instruction templates

Not only does sam enable the fast and easy generation of data, it also provides thousands of instructional slides for your employee training. For each topic, the software enables appropriate effectiveness checks, which have already proven themselves millions of times in your application – which is one of the best forms of electronic knowledge transfer for us. Of course, you can also set up your own content and edit it to adapt the training with the software sam to your business needs. You can also use your original Powerpoint or PDF documents. For your information you will find here an overview of the included instruction topics as well as further samples for your own employee instruction on various topics.

Integrated authoring system

All learning content, eLearning topics, instructions and training content can also be edited and edited independently – without any programming effort. Pushing with the mouse (drag & drop) as well as right-clicks (context menus) will help you. No other system on the market offers this sophisticated ease of use with 100% genuine revision safety! We gladly accept the challenge. Try sam. Also, the documentation of personal training succeeds with sam exemplary.

Interfaces, Data Transfer & APIs

Are you working with SAP, Peoplesoft or other ERP systems? Are you already using a training system? No problem! Of course, there are numerous interface options to other systems for sam. The use of classic office formats (Excel, PDF or similar) is already included as standard in sam.

Our awards and certificates

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