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Hazardous Substances

Your advantages with this module

  • Increase the efficiency of hazardous substance management
  • Minimize organizational effort
  • Reliable safeguarding of health, labor and environmental protection
  • Time savings through simple operation
  • High legal certainty

Module description

sam Hazardous Substance management provides you with full management, registration, and assessment of materials, products and, substances that is compliant with legal regulations and standards.
Are you looking for a comprehensive, functional, and user-friendly way to create a clean structure for your hazardous substance data? An audit-proof overview, a release system, safety data sheets, and much more? Then sam’s Hazardous Substance module will certainly be very exciting for you.
Advantages at a glance:
✓ Easy to use (drag & drop and right-click)
✓ Company-wide assessments and reports
✓ Dialogue-based EMKG assessment
✓Active employee involvement opportunities
✓ Central action overview via the cockpit
✓ Audit-proof documentation
✓ Fully or semi-automatic generation of operational instructions
✓ Browser- and database-based (Internet or Intranet)
✓ Freely definable risk matrix specially adapted for substances
✓ Seamless integration into the other sam modules
✓ Standard-compliant functionality
✓ Connection to REACH/ECHA
✓ Conformity with GHS/CLP
✓ And much more
For many companies, establishing a good hazardous substance management system is not exactly easy. Copies of Excel files or arduous attempts with often highly complicated software systems tends to be the rule. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have software that is easy to use yet still capable of mastering the sometimes highly complex field of hazardous substance management?
sam gives you the power to handle virtually the entire spectrum of common operational activities connected with hazardous substance management. A release system for hazardous substances? Company-wide lists of materials? Collision recognition with REACH SVHC substances? Risk assessments and volume registers? Updating, review, and distribution of operational instructions and safety data sheets? Multilanguage reports? sam excels in all of these.
Effective risk assessments of materials, activities, and locations are also possible. sam – no other system on the market is as well-designed, standard-compliant, and user-friendly.
Can’t believe it? Feel free to contact us and see for yourself!

Risk assessment and operating instructions


Manage safety data sheets effectively

In sam, you organize all your safety data sheets in a particularly easy and practical way. This way, you always have an overview and can judge by means of appropriately checked timeliness. Since the software also works audit-proof, any changes to records are traceable and transparent. The coordination and generation of supplier requests happens with just a few mouse clicks.

Dialogue-driven assessment of hazardous substances

Our hazardous material management software sam guides you comfortably by assessing the hazardousness of hazardous substances. The unique, intuitive process will benefit you. The program suggests suitable measures and facilitates efficient and solution-oriented implementation.

Additional Information

sam’s Hazardous Substance Management is an integral part of our sam Hazard Assessment module. It does not matter whether you want to record, evaluate and evaluate 10 or 10,000 substances in the system. Just a few clicks of the mouse are required to capture quantities, make classifications or make assessments. R + S and H + P rates are included. The software complies with the GefstoffV and GHS, Reach & Co. Of all the substances used in your company, with sam you always receive a revision-proof overview. To manage all operating instructions and safety data sheets safely, effectively and elegantly. Since sam can be operated via any web browser without installation, it is easy for employees and colleagues to access it. Also interfaces to other systems are easily activated.

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