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Idea Management

Your advantages with this module

  • Inclusion of 100% of employees possible
  • Perfect integration in sam as a training system
  • Decentralized recording
  • Central reviews
  • Safe according to privacy

Module description

Why Idea Management in sam?

Are you planning an idea management system for your company or do you already have one in place? Use sam to establish a company suggestion system within your organization. Make it easier to collect and evaluate suggestions and even track follow-up measures.
With sam, you have a practical tool that actively supports your in-house continuous improvement process (CIP). Profit from the ideas of your employees and collect new suggestions electronically with sam. The system is as easy to use as an ATM and yet features complex functions. Obtain a company-wide overview of the respective status at any time. It couldn’t be easier.
Advantages at a glance:
✓ Easy to use
✓ Up to 100% employee inclusion possible
✓ Perfect integration into sam® as an instruction system
✓ Visually appealing
✓ Company-wide overview
✓ Decentralized collection and central evaluations
✓ Measure tracking
✓ Analyses at the click of a mouse
✓ Browser- and database-based (Internet or Intranet)
✓ Integrated workflow
✓ Logging function
✓ Status notifications
✓ Detailed authorizations
✓ And much more

sam – the software solution for Idea Management

The logistic processing and structured tracking of ideas and suggestions for improvement are laborious tasks for many companies.
An established paper/form system may be helpful, but it is highly inconvenient in the long run. On the other hand, there are many software solutions, portals, or electronic in-house developments out there now, many of which however are too complicated to be used effectively by all employees.
Even access, operation, and current status are frequently confusing for many employees. sam takes an innovative approach in this respect – one that automatically leads to a higher usage rate. We achieve this by means of a unique combination of highly sophisticated system functions and components. We would be very happy to show you just how this works. Would you like an idea management solution that is both easy-to-use and professional? Then sam is just the tool for you.
And what’s the best part? sam is as easy to use as an ATM!
You can’t believe it? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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