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Incident Management

Your advantages with this module

  • Recording of accidents and incidents
  • Incident or accident statistics and reports at the click of a mouse
  • Record association book entries in accordance with DGUV regulation 1
  • reduces your organizational effort
  • Time savings through simple operation
  • safe according to privacy
  • Generation of accident reports

Module description

Perfect overview

Accidents, registrations and near misses – everything is recorded in one central system. React promptly to current developments and initiate important measures at an early stage. If you wish, sam reports fully automatically if special events occur.

Do you need data for your accident statistics or do you want to identify accident and injury issues? That’s no problem with the sam Incident management. One click and you have the perfect overview of your operation with the evaluation in real time.

Safe according to privacy

All data and contents are safely stored in sam thanks to the detailed authorization concept. You want only your first responders or executives to be able to record accidents? No problem – thanks to the integrated authorization concept, entries or reports in the association book software are only possible by authorized persons.

Of course, no medical reports, health records or other data subject to medical confidentiality will be stored in sam. By the way: In contrast to the open book of associations in paper form, sam fulfills the requirement according to the Data Protection Act much better.

Easy to use

You do not need to be a computer expert to use secova’s incident management.

Your employees and colleagues do not need any special knowledge either. With our proprietary fast track record, a new entry in the electronic book is done within 90 seconds.

Give it a try!

The end of the paper economy – thanks to a digital incident management

Picked up, patchy maintained papers are finally a thing of the past with sam. Also, the manual transfer of data from your union books in Excel files or similar. is no longer necessary. This alone saves you a lot of time because all data is saved in the central sam database. Well structured and clear.

From now on, you can recognize current developments and thus respond promptly. Without a tool like sam, that’s almost impossible.

Our awards and certificates

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