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sam EHS Manager (App)

Your advantages with this module

  • Check the instruction states
  • Check and define measures and actions
  • Perform inspections, audits and inspections
  • Retrieve operating instructions and safety data sheets
  • Use checklists, checklists and on-site inspections

Module description

Your electronic Assistant: the mobile App by secova

EHS manager sam app from secova

With our newest app, the sam EHS Manager by secova, you’ll have the perfect electronic assistant in the palm of your hand. Cover situations on-site, directly, and ad hoc. Save yourself arduous post-processing at the workplace.

Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of everyday operations. So why not take advantage of the smart options offered by sam during an inspection, review, or audit? Cover situations directly on-site: register conditions including photo functions, assign or manage measures, and much more. All data is stored in your central sam system fully automatically and audit-proof.

Advantages at a glance:

✓ Check/perform risk assessments

✓ Check instruction statuses

✓ Check, define, and assign measures and actions

✓ Perform inspections, audits, and checks

✓ Record accident and incident situations

✓ Check environment information

✓ Access operating instructions and safety data sheets

✓ Display of environment-specific hazard information

✓ Carry out briefings on the move

✓ Access and document test and maintenance plans

✓ Submit suggestions for improvement

✓ Audit-proof storage in your central sam® database

✓ And much more

The conventional paper clipboard or “blotter” is still the standard for many people today, be it for on-site inspections, audits, or meetings. This doubtlessly has many advantages. However, it would be great on many occasions to make direct use of the advantages of mobile devices.

After all, most paper records and notes result in actions, measures, or emails that often must be followed-up and kept track of.

Always use the relevant information in real time via app!EHS manager sam app from secova

Just imagine there is an app showing you always the most important information at the recent site at all times?

The EHS Manager supports you – the app recognizes your location via QR code or iBeacon and shows you always the relevant operating instructions or safety data sheets for that particular location.

Related to the location, you can also submit ideas, take a look at upcoming inspections or conduct training courses via app.

If you are also interested in contributing to the future development, just fill out our contact form.

secova sam app download free

secova sam app download free

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