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Visitor Management

Your advantages with this module

  • conveys real knowledge for more security
  • minimal, organizational effort
  • less paper and forms at the reception
  • Time savings through simple operation
  • Generation of fully automatic visitor badges possible

Module description

If you would like suppliers, visitors, outside companies, and contractors to not only familiarize themselves
with your in-company safety rules and rules of conduct, but actually take them to heart, this sam function
module is just the right tool for you.
Make sure that your contractors/partners/visitors get just the information that is important for the relevant activity
or job execution. But that’s not all: with the integrated effectiveness check, you can increase the degree of effective
knowledge transfer.
Advantages at a glance:
✓ More effective and more efficient transfer of knowledge
✓ Fully automated documentation
✓ Clear communication of rules of conduct and safety instructions
(interactive, with film and speech output)
✓ Attendance check via gatekeeper module
✓ Advance visitor reservation and ID card generation
✓Connection to access control systems possible
✓ Browser- and database-based (Internet or Intranet)
✓ Visually appealing
✓ Can be connected to touch-screen instruction stations and more
✓ Automatic activity-based assignment of instructions with no administrative effort required
✓ Assessments in real-time
✓ Certificate and ID card functions including bar codes/QR codes
✓ And much more
Just how does it work? Read on or feel free to contact us.



Knowledge for more Safety – practical Management

Frequently, company safety instructions are merely handed out to contractors when hired or made available as
hard copies. Is that really enough for you? Or would you like this information to really be read, understood and internalized by all involved?
What good is a safety briefing signed by a contractor if this information is not actually transferred within the company to all its employees? A signature alone is no proven remedy against a liability case and ultimately means avoidable added time expenditure and increased hazard potential for all involved. sam can help you with this in a unique way! Important information is effectively transferred, and effectiveness checks are carried out and logged. This allows you to act preventively, reducing the number of incidents. It is also very easy to connect the module to access control systems (RFID or bar code), touch-screens, and instruction terminals. Our system is almost completely maintenance-free while nevertheless granting you all the possible assessment and theme creation options with the integrated editorial area.

And what’s the best part? sam is as easy to use as an ATM!
You don’t believe us? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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